Sunday, December 26, 2010

Her Christmas

She sat her front door steps, looking into the street of lights. Children passes by with gifts begs, adults holding their hands swinging happily singing those Christmas songs. She looks at them with admiration, seeing those happy faces she sat with sorrow in her heart. A cold wind blew across her face freezing her; she folded her arms tightly around her chest to comfort herself. A glass broke in the house; she looks inside the window finding her parents arguing again. Her father had thrown a picture frame down at the floor, screaming at her mother both again fight till bruises and scars. She covers her ears and eyes, wishing that everything will go away from her. It continued and draws the attention from the neighbors and passer by. She looks at them with disgust and hatred. You don’t have to peep! She screams in her mind. She stood up can’t stand the fight and screams, she kicked the door real hard creaking the wood. Her parents and neighbors look at her.

“ENOUGH! THAT IS ENOUGH!” she screams towards her parents. She turns around and looks at the neighbors. “DON’T LOOK! IF YOU ARE NOT PLANING TO HELP! DON’T LOOK AND GO HOME!” she ran down the street not looking over her shoulder or even to stop for a breath. She keeps on running down the street ending up at the lake side. The lights beside the lake shine brightly, lighting up the while area. She sat at the park bench looking far across the lake side. She clenched her fist together praying. I know you can hear me. All I want is a nice home, and a quiet Christmas like any other family. Please I ask for your angels to come and heal this family for me. She looks up again to the sky.

“I guess this will be another Christmas with the same silent I get every year.” She stayed there the whole night looking into the darkness of her heart.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My dear Friend

Dear friend,

Sitting at the side of the walk, as the snow flake falls to the ground, what a wonderful sight to see! Couples passes by, holding hands with sweet comments. (You gonna love this view) Yet I sit here alone thinking, why am I in the world like that? How I miss her back in our olden days, where we run around the park bullying kids. How I miss the sight of her smile, as she run wild like the horse in the movie.

Years has pass, as you grown into such a wonderful women, maybe a little tomboy but still you shine like the sun in my world. I remember the time in the playground, where there were boys who always pick fight on me; you rush towards them with nothing but your fist. Blood spatter around your face and clothing, yet you smile at me telling me everything is alright. Ah…that face of yours make me laughed till my stomach hurts like shit.

My dear friend back in my hometown, how have you been? I guess you must be surrounded by boys now with your look. Haha, I think things will always turn out right for you. But this year snow I wish they aren’t white but red. Those blood red snows will remind me of you, always defending me with all you’ve got.

P.S. I will be back on MAY!!!! Remember wear that jean I bought for you!!!! We gonna rock the night world!! Can’t wait to meet you my friend.

With all the kisses in the world, to you my lovely friend, C.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Never ending road

She stare at the clouds

Hoping to see the stars
As the first star shines,
The cloud cover the sky
She looked up again
But her vision blur
For tears covers her eyes
In sorrow and sadness
The rain falls down
Covering her tears
She stood there thinking
Her pain will flow away with the rain
she stood there for an hour plus
finally stepping into the shade
she kneel on the floor
her hands on her chest
she screams in pain
she squeeze her chest
till her nails dung into her skin
the pain she felt
awaken her from her sleep
she screams again
to the sky above
shouting to Him
for His punishment she didn't deserve
she stare into space
in her mind the never ending road
till the day she burst
she will always remain as a shadow
with thousand emotion
under that mask of hers.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shadow 2 {2}

Suzy slowly open her eyes, as the sun shines down at her through the window. She moves slowly thinking her bed was too comfortable to wake up. She stares at the room 4 times larger than her own room, the kind size bed with the cloth she loves. She looked around amaze at the same time scared. The silent knock on the door startled her, a man walk into the room with a few other girls’ behind him. He stares at her for a moment, his eyes searching for something but yet no been found yet.

“Miss, welcome home.” he bowed showing her respect. He chuckle as he look at her face. “Miss, please don’t put that stern look on your face. It is making me laugh with your messy hair over your head.” Suzy blush as she saw herself in the mirror. “My name is Joe, I am the butler in this mansion, if there is anything you would like to ask please tell Me.” he smiled at her signaling the maids to change her cloths, he turns he back walking out towards the door.

“Joe,” her voice as soft as a ghost whisper, makes the back of his hair stands. “May I know who is the one that brought me here.” Her eyes like puppies like eyes, staring into his eyes.

“You will meet him when sunset; he will be home at that time.” Joe again bowed as he walked out from the room. [She looks so different than the past…] he thought in his mind. Suzy steps into the bath full of hot water like the hot spring. She soaked herself in it thinking about the man who took her last night. Samantha image appear again as her tears flows down, she sobs her way in the bath hoping that her sister will come again.

Jenard stood there clicking his nails waiting for Suzy at the school gate. [Where could she be??] He panics in his mind. He saw a big black Mercedes car stop at the gate, as the driver walked down to open the back door, his eyes widen. Suzy walked out from it, he rush towards her without thinking.

“Suzy, where have you been?” he grab her hands, Suzy stare at him and smiled, but she didn’t say anything.

“Young man, please handle my lady with care.” Joe walked towards Jenard leaning front whispering into his ear. “You know you got to help her awaken, order from Carson.” Jenard growl a little, looking up at Joe with bloodshot eyes.

“I will not let you or Carson harmed her!” he shouted beneath his breath. Joe chuckle a little walking back into the car. Suzy held on to Jenard shirt as she lean her head on his shoulders, again she started to cry. Jenard put his arms around her, giving her embrace. [I swear I’ll never let you cry again for eternity, my Queen.] He swears in his heart, his eyes turn golden red as he stare at the car slowly driving off in the distance.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shadow 2 {1}

Samantha sat there beside her sister, as Suzy moan for her. Desmond came back in looking at Samantha; his heart broke as he saw her eyes full of sorrow.

“It’s time to go,” he laid his hands on Samantha shoulder. “Don’t worry; you will meet her very soon.” Desmond held her hands taking her up into the skies. Suzy sat there looking into her sister’s picture as she cries out. As Samantha left for the heaven where her parents are, Suzy felt something in her heart suddenly shock. She squeezes her chest in pain, thinking something was wrong with her. She screams in pain, the pain slowly fades away after a few hours have passed. She lay there unconscious panting for air, her hands still hold on to her sister’s picture. She slowly opens her eyes, as she saw the red full moon shining down on her face. She smiles widely bathing under that moon light.

“Your highness,” someone knock on her door asking permission to enter. She signals her hands allowing him to enter. His presence reminded her of someone, but it just missed her mind. “It’s a beautiful night indeed, but your highness shouldn’t be sitting out too long, the sun will rise soon.” His voice calm and stern, he laid his palm of her head. She looked up into the person voice seeing the young boy she knew in the ball room dance.

“You are that boy who stood at the wall at the dance?” she asked curiously.

“Yes, your highness. My name is Jenard.” He speaks politely, careful with his every gesture.

“Jenard, I see…” she closes her eyes, as his presences complete her. He took away all her curiosity, her worries and even her anger. Yet something was nagging behind her mind. Her eyes shoot open as she quickly looks around the room. She was back in her house, laying there on the floor. Her arms tightly held on to her sister’s picture. Again she started to cry, thinking she is alone now. Down the stairs in the shadow, the man stood again. He no longer smiles, but his eyes show nothing but anger. He mumbles a few words than disappearing into thin air again.

Few days had pass, as Samantha was buried and the funeral was over. Many people offer a helping hand to Suzy, but she refuses and wanted to be alone. In school, her friends were worried for her, as she lingers around lifelessly. No longer was her smile and laughter heard in her school, and the hyper Suzy was now the gloomy Suzy. Her friends slowly left her alone, thinking there is no way into helping her. Jenard sat beside her all the time, he looked into her eyes thinking there must be something her could do for her. Everyday he walked her home and to school, he talked to her. Sometimes he manages to make her laugh a little. But Suzy still stayed in her own world, living a life so lonely.

“DING_DONG_” the door bell rang, Suzy opened it looking into the eyes of a man she never seen but she knew him from somewhere.

“Yes? May I help you?” she asked politely. Thinking maybe he wants to sell some stuff.

“My name is Carson. I am here to take you home.” he said with pride and firmness.

“This is my home and I don’t know you. How am I supposed to follow you?” she said thinking that this man was dangerous. As his eyes was fierce, and his shaggy hair, with long black coat and black gloves.

“Suzy, you got to trust me, I am your only family member left.” He took out the picture where she was young and he held her in his arms. “Don’t you remember your own uncle?” Suzy stare at him a moment, but the memories she have doesn’t have him inside.

“I guess that impact really had your memory lost.” He mumbles some words causing Suzy to loose her consciousness. He held her in his arms, “Don’t you worry, my queen. I will save you no matter what.” He carried her into his car, driving of into the dark. Jenard stood at the high roof looking at Carson’s car.

“No way you are taking her away from me again.” He voice shows no mercy as his speed away into the night. Carson drove into his mansion, his maids and butler waited for him at the door.

“Oh my,” the butler gasp as he saw Suzy carried by Carson. “Must you be this rough with a kid?”

“Shut up, Joe. This kid is not for me to play. She is the queen we had lost a long time ago.” he carried her gently, kissing her forehead. “Prepare a nice room for her, and you guys get her clean. Be gentle with her.” He orders the maid. They quickly took their duty and disappear from his sight, as they knew that he was angry and furious.

“Would you like to have a cup of tea? To smooth your feeling?” Joe came in with the tea ready in his hands. Carson nodded his head, looking at the documents left on his table.

“You know what Joe? She is really the queen. I’ve found her at last after so many centuries.” His voice softens.

“Will she remember you?” Joe asked concerned, but Carson didn’t reply, even he himself doesn’t know if she will remember him.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shadow part 1 {2}

“Hey Samantha, wanna go out for a drink after work?” Jacob asked with his bright blue eyes, hoping for her to say yes. Samantha looks away from her screen, looking up there at him. Her eyes darker than Suzy, her hair golden brown wave slightly as she turns to look at him, Jacob heart jumped as her smile charm him.

“Sorry, I got other plans today,” she smiled again, Jacob looked at her blushed. He smiled walking away thinking for another plan. Samantha whistles gently as she packs her desk leaving the office for the day. She stood before the lift waiting for it to come. As she stood there looking at her watch, a young man with blue eyes stood beside her. He greeted her in a low tone voice, his eyes charms all the women in the company as he walked pass by. Samantha was also caught in the moment memorizing. His dark blue eyes as clear as the sky, his well build body. Somewhere is her heart someone whispers for her to run away, but she stood there staring at him without moving at all. The lift reached as he walked into lift, he held the lift waiting for her to enter, but her mind went blank.

“Are you coming in?” his voice again charms her, she quickly walked in embarrassed. Her heart kept on pumping as she stood beside him; he stood there looking at her. “Have I met you before?” he broke the silent.

“No, we haven’t,” she smiled back hiding her nervousness, hoping her heart beat wasn’t too loud for him to hear.

“Ah, I see. My name is Desmond. How bout you?” he asked calmly looking into her eyes.

“My name is Samantha, are you a new member of this company?”

“Yeah, nothing much to do anyway, been like here the whole morning and there aren’t any stuff for me to do.” Samantha giggles. “Hey, why don’t we meet sometimes for like lunch or dinner?” they chatted as the lift descended slowly. Samantha wishes that the time could stop for that moment.

[Get away from him…] someone whispers in her head. She stood there as the lift open, Desmond walked out smiling.

“So, I’ll see you tomorrow.” He smiled; Samantha nodded her head shaking the voice inside her away. “No I should say, see you later Samantha…” he whispers as the door slam close. Samantha looked shock at the door as if she heard something that was forbidden, but she couldn’t catch the last words and sentence she shook away the idea thinking she must have been dreaming. She drove back happily, she whistles as she glance at the cake lay there at the passenger sit. [Suzy is going to love it…] She drove but she missed the light that turns red in front of her.

“HONK!!!” a loud horn strike from the other side, both cars compact into each other leaving Samantha screaming. She closes her eyes, feeling every single impact on her body. Moment had past as she slowly open her eyes, she tries feeling the pain around her body but none was felt. She stares straight from where she stood. She was looking into the crash from where she stood; many people walked pass her into the scene. Moments later someone pull a body out from her car, she stare at her body looking into her bloody self. [Am I already dead?]

“Yes you are.” A familiar voice came from behind her. She turned around expecting to stare into a face she knew. But instead what stood behind her was a man with long black robes. “I already told you I will see you later,” he smiles evilly.

“Desmond?” her voice shook in fear thinking she must be dreaming. Yet he smile and pulled his hood back showing his charming face yet so evil. “What just happen?”

“You just died,” he pause letting the word sink into her mind. “And I am here to take your soul.” His eyes show no mercy, Samantha drop on the floor; her legs gave way not allowing her to stand. “Come on, I got to bring you to se your sister one last time.” He grabs her hand flying up into the air.

“How can that be? I can’t leave my sister alone!” she let his hands go, running away from his gaze. “She needs me, we lost our parents already, and she needs me!” she screamed, tears fall from her eyes.

“I know your parents I took them to heaven. That is where you are going too, don’t worry bout your sister, her destiny is more thrilling and you think.” He smiles as he talks. “Even if you leave her now, she will meet you again one day with your parents. And my meaning is not she die, yet she live to see you.” He again grabs her hands, leading her towards their house. Samantha tried to struggle but some where in her heart she knew that he was speaking the truth. They lay on Suzy room where she sat there doing her homework, at the same time looking at the clock. Samantha tries grabbing her little sister, but her hands went through her. The phone rang, Suzy quickly stood up reaching for the phone. Samantha had already known what the call was, as she looks at her sister eyes, both of their hearts broke into pieces. She hugs Suzy, both of them cried. Desmond stood there looking into both of their eyes. [If only I could tell her the reason of her death and her parent’s death…] he signs to himself leaving Samantha with her sister for a while. Suzy kept on crying thinking that she is alone, all her family member no longer around her.

“Why, why must you do this to me?” Suzy scream into the night as she moan and cries for her sister’s death.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Shadow part 1 {1}

The people in the hall cheer as her name was mention, the rats and bats hide in the shadow as her name was called. The door opened in front of her, as they cheer in please. Her slim tender body covers with black silk cloth, her eyes golden merciless matches her white skin. She sniff the air as she walked slowly down the grand stair, she looked around at the people in the hall, holding their cups up high.

“Welcome, Your Majesty!” everyone welcome her with their hands wide open. Her hair as black as the galaxy floating as she walked gracefully down the stairs, a young man stood far at the corner of the hall looking at her. She stares at his face wondering where she saw him before, she looked back the crowd tossing her drink up high in the air as everyone cheer once again. [This faces and attitude are all fakes…nothing is this happy in this world…] she looked into her glass smelling it turns her eyes red. [Blood…] she turns away from her glass. [Nothing comes easily…] she sat at a pool of blood, her hand shake in fear. She looked at the young boy lay in front of her, slowing breathing for life but soon will fade. She touches his face stroking his hair gently.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it…” she whispers in his ear, slowly moving to his neck. She sank her fangs into his throat ending his live in a second. Her tears as red as a rose, flows from her eyes, “I’m sorry…” she kept on saying towards him.

{RING__RING__} something rang from a far. She looked up into the sky soon was changed in a ceiling. Something hit her in the head, as she looks around the room her sister stood there whacking her.

“Suzy, you are late for school!” her sister, Samantha dress in her gym cloths. Suzy got up quickly rushing around the house getting ready for school. She stop by the mirror looking into her eyes, all that was staring back at her was a high school girl with brown hair and light brown eyes. She rushes to the kitchen stole bread from her sister’s plate and run out from the house. Samantha stood at the door shaking her head; as she turns back into the house her senses caught something. She looked around her house area but nothing could be found. Suzy skipped her way down to school, as a small breeze blew at her direction.

“I’ve found you…” a whisper flew along with the wind. Suzy looked around thinking she was having illusion, she turn back heading straight to school. From the shadow a young man appear, his eyes as blue as the sky, he grin in please.

“I’ve finally found you, my queen…” as mysteriously he appears he disappears along with the wind leaving a small echo behind. Suzy stays with her elder sister Samantha after their parents died in a car accident, they both depends on each other. Suzy sat at her class chatting around with her friends as the bell ring her homeroom teacher step into the class.

“Today we have a transfer student with us!” Mr. Luke mention to the class. He signals, a young boy step into the class. Suzy stare at him in shock, as she saw the young boy was the exact same person in her dreams. His green eyes charm every single girl in the room, his height and body is well build. She gasped as he talked for his voice is low and somewhere in it held her breath tightly. “There is an empty space behind Suzy, you can sit there.” He walked past Suzy leaving her breathless for the first time. [Why is my heart feeling like this?] She thought to herself, [He was in my dream!] she panic in her mind.

“Hi, my name is Jenard. And you are?” he smiled at Suzy with gentle eyes, putting his hands out for a friendly shake.

“My name is Suzy.” She smiled back shaking his hands gently. At that moment both of them felt a electric shock in them, he look at her eyes widen as she turns away blushing.